Pilgrim House is a volunteer-led fellowship associated with the Unitarian Universalist Association. We welcome people of all races, ethnicities, and affectional orientations. We follow no creed or dogma, but rather ask all alike to think, not all to think alike.

We are a member-run, participatory group that encourages people of all ages to explore their spiritual and ethical beliefs.

Founded in 1970, the group has a strong tradition of thought-provoking Sunday programs, an outstanding children’s religious education program, and a wide range of social events for people of all ages.

Membership is open to all adults who, desiring to seek truth freely and without dogmatic constraints, wish to make this fellowship their spiritual home. Those in sympathy with our purpose and program may become members by signing a membership card and returning it to a member of the Membership Committee.

Pilgrim House depends on its members for all aspects of operation. Many volunteer positions are available. Overall leadership and coordination is provided by the Board, which meets monthly in open meetings.

Although Pilgrim House had a minister in its first few years, we have been an all-volunteer, lay-led fellowship for over three decades.

Our Mission

We are a welcoming community where people of all ages come to learn together joyfully and feel safe, accepted and supported to develop their own understanding of life’s meaning and their place in the wider world.

Our Vision

To be an engaged and caring gathering of people across generations building authentic connections, exploring ideas together, sharing music, laughter and fellowship, while working toward a socially and environmentally just world.


  • Acceptance
  • Justice
  • Service
  • Curiosity
  • Joy