The Tiny Fields Project

The Tiny Fields Project was founded in 2013 by Emily Organ and uses boulevards and alleys in North Minneapolis to teach residents vegetable gardening and connect neighbor to neighbor through agriculture. Emily will discuss creatively approaching community gardening, how the project was founded and its results, and the challenges of keeping the program sustainable and … Continue reading The Tiny Fields Project

Oliver Kelley Farm

Kelsey Butler, program supervisor at the Oliver Kelley Farm, will give a brief overview of their programs, seasonal experiences, and annual calendar. She can even bring some of our chickens so folks can meet some of the farm’s animals

Norway House

Race Fisher is Membership & Volunteer Coordinator. Norway House contributes to the Norwegian-American community and strengthens the Norwegian-American ties. This long-standing relationship, while honoring cultural and historical aspects, focuses on the importance of building a strong connection in arts, business, and culture.