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December 25 – no program

December 18 – Annual Pilgrim House Holiday Celebration!

Please join us for our always-special intergenerational Pilgrim House Holiday program, complete with group caroling, favorite holiday readings, seasonal music, a performance by the PH Chorale, a special guest (possibly from the far north), favorite foods, and more. Contact Bill Rohde by December 11th if you or the youth in your household have special music or a reading to share. And don’t forget to bring that favorite holiday food for our traditional potluck finger foods feast after the program. See you there!

This program is the time to turn in your contributions to Guest at Your Table for the UUSC.

Parking at PH: PH has limited parking for large events (such as the Holiday Celebration). When coming to PH for a large event, consider parking across Highway 96 in the Arden Hills City Hall lot.

December 11 – Immigration Policy

The expert on United States Immigration Policy in our area is Professor Katherine Fennelly – immigration specialist with the Humphrey Institute at the University of Minnesota (http://www.hhh.umn.edu/people/kfennelly/). Immigration policy will be the major action item at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in Phoenix, Arizona next June. UUA asked each fellowship to conduct a number of programs to better understand this issue.

Slides from her presentation are available at http://www.hhh.umn.edu/people/kfennelly/pdf/ten_myths_immigration.pdf.

December 4 – Tribute to Ursula

Debbie Legan’s Mother recently passed away and those who attended her service thought that the story was so touching that it should be heard by the entire fellowship.

November 27 – Best Reads

Periodically we put together a program where the members of the fellowship can share books that they have read. Contact Lollie Jensen or Mel Aanerud if you have a book to share.

November 20 – Our Traditional Pilgrim House Thanksgiving Celebration

Our PH Thanksgiving program is a not-to-be-missed time of celebration and community, bringing together Pilgrim House members and friends with special music, a performance by the Pilgrim House Chorale, seasonal readings and poetry, ... and more. If you or younger members of your family have a musical selection you’d like to share, please contact Bill Rohde by Sunday 11/13. Similarly, if you have a reading you’d like to share, please contact Mel Aanerud. And don’t forget to bring a a dish to pass for our traditional pot luck feast immediately after the program. See you there!

This will be our traditional Thanksgiving program. Those who are interested in participation should contact Bill Rohde or Mel Aanerud.

November 13 – The Kayak Lady

Mary Shideler has kayaked every lake in Itasca County (1007 lakes) and has written a book about her adventures and the personal growth that adventure provided her.

November 6 – The National Debt and a Solution – Mel Aanerud

Mel has taken a historical look at the national debt because some of it becomes more economic than historical, he had his paper vetted by the University of Minnesota – We as a nation have always been in debt, but it is larger now than ever. How can we ever pay it off?

The program will be followed by Soup Sunday and the annual Harvest Fest Celebration.

October 30 – Mark Ritche – The Minnesota Elections

Mark Ritchie is the Minnesota Secretary of State and a Unitarian Universalist. He will speak not only about elections, but also about UU’s participation in the public forum.

October 9 – History of Western Religion – J. B. Shank Professor of Religion University of Minnesota

As part of the survey of members there was a request for someone to give us a historical breakdown of western religion and we went to the best source of information on the topic. Dr. Shank teaches this very topic at the University of Minnesota

October 2 – Libraries of Minnesota by Doug Ohmann

Doug Ohmann is a wonderful Minnesota photographer who chronicles the important things in Minnesota. He has published books including churches of, school of, courthouses of and now Libraries of Minnesota. He will tell us about some of the great libraries in Minnesota, stories of how the pictures were taken. He will be available to sign this book and a number of others.

September 25 – The world water problem – Bill Easter

In our survey of members there was a desire to have a program on the world problem of water. UUSC has begun a program to make fellowships more aware of the world water problem. We have within our fellowship one of the world leaders on the topic. Bill will discuss the world need for clean water and how climate change is affecting its availability.

September 18 – The Transformational Power of Love – Lisa Wersal

Most other faith traditions we often speak of love, even equating God to love. UU seem to prefer reason and ethical grounding for emotions or sentiments. But Love is not an emotion that lends itself to a reasoned approach. UU’s have developed a shared commitment through the program "Standing on the side of Love" Lisa explores Love and how it fits for us UU’ers.

September 11 – Water Communion – We begin each year with this tradition.

Throughout the year, members of the fellowship collect samples of water from various places they go to, ranging from vacations to events at home. At the service, the samples of water are placed in a bowl and allowed to mix involving the entire fellowship in each others stories and creating a more inclusive group. So bring your water and share it and your stories with other members of the fellowship

August 21 – Mooncoin Ceili Dancers – Irish Dance Program

See their web page http://www.mooncoinceili.com/ for more information on this dance group.

July 17 – Animals Nobody Loves – Skunks, Porcupines, Raptors

June 19 – King Tut

The Science Museum of Minnesota has the King Tut exhibit. Someone from the museum will be with us to explain the importance of King Tut and will preview the items on display in the exhibit. It will be a good program for the whole family and the whole community.

June 5 – Flower Communion and Annual Meeting

Bring a flower from your garden for our traditional Flower Communion program. To keep that day moving we will move acknowledgments and thanks you’s over lunch (Taco bar and beverages provided by the board; pot luck items provided by everyone else) followed by the Annual Meeting.

May 29 – No Program (Memorial Day Weekend)

May 22 – Louis Asher: The Five Reasons Why Clean Renewable Energy Is So Critically Needed

Many people are aware that global warming is a critical reason for needing clean renewable energy. There are at least four other strong reasons including: acidification of the oceans from CO2, health reasons such as mercury contamination from burning coal, national security, and economics.

May 15 – George Washington

The Minnesota Historical Society is running a special exhibit on our first president. Dan Spock of the Historical Society will be at Pilgrim House to give us a sample of the exhibit, a bit of information on George Washington, and encourage us to come to the historical society to see the exhibit in its last month.

May 8 – Finding Neighborhood and Community in Changing Times

Evelyn Klein will discuss how neighborhood and community impact on our lives in today’s changing times. Although we may regard them primarily as localities with demographic and political borders, they are much more than that. They can be places of nurture and growth, of shared interests and purposes once we make the connection.

May 1 – Doug Wood

Doug Wood is a Minnesota author, musician, artist, naturalist, and wilderness guide. He has written both classic children’s books like Old Turtle and great adult books like Fawn Island and Paddle Whisperers. He is that Renaissance man who, when he is talking instead of playing, you want him to play, and when he is playing instead of talking you want him to talk. He has been a favorite at Pilgrim House for a number of years in a row, only asking that we book him in the spring rather than the middle of winter. He has another function on the 1st so he will be a Pilgrim House early for those who may want to talk or buy items, but he will have to leave directly after the program.

April 24 – Spring Celebration

This will be our typical spring celebration. We are looking for members who would like to share their words, songs, or dance, whatever you would be willing and able to share with the fellowship. Please contact Lollie, Debbie, David, or Mel to let us know what you would like to share. There will be a potluck brunch following the program.

April 17 – George Erickson – Global Warming

George is an author of a number of books including True North, Eyes Wide Open, and Time Traveling with Science and Saints. He is the former president of the Minnesota Humanists and has spoken at Pilgrim House a number of times before. He has always been well received with requests that we have him return. He is a retired world traveler who has personally witnessed the catastrophic results of our global warming.

April 10 – Music from Clifton and Bettye Ware

Clifton Ware is Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of Minnesota, author of numerous books, and recorded singer and performer. Bettye is his wife – accomplished pianist, organist, piano teacher, song arranger, chorister (Plymouth Congregational Church), and editor of Cliff’s books. They have produced a new program of Eco-songs and Cliff will visited Pilgrim House for one of our programs earlier this year and decided he would like to do his world premier in our fellowship.

April 3 – KIDPOWER with Rachael Kroog

Rachael was one of our summer programs, and people requested that we get her back for an intergenerational program during the year. For the past 20 years, Rachael Kroog has been a Twin Cities favorite for family entertainment. In addition to numerous television and radio appearances, Rachael has performed at over 1500 elementary schools, churches, and special events across the country with her motivational KIDPOWER. Show. Rachael got her start performing throughout Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom singing and dancing and also played the part of Mary Poppins and Pluto during the Mickey Mouse Parade.

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